You can’t know where you’re going till you know where you are.

3 thing I am going to want to remember about this part of my career

As a young adult at the ripe old age of 23, I am just starting out. Anyone who has read any of my previous posts knows the following: post grad was life is hard, I literally went into a minor depression for about a year after leaving college. I had a lot of things change and things not go the way I had envisioned. Not only in the form of my career but also in my personal life. Fast forward to today, I still live at home, I have moved a baby step up in my career going from the manager of a consignment shop to a Sales Administrator position for a whole sale accessories and gift company. As excited as I was for the resume building and big picture aspect of this job, it’s not something I enjoy on a day to day. So what is going right? I wanted to write this piece as a reflection of what’s happening in my career at this rocky beginning period. FullSizeRender 2

Let’s Start with the dream; that thing that drives you and makes you work hard and stick out the tough days and the jobs you don’t enjoy, they are all going to get you closer, we hope….Since I was a kid I knew I was going to be a fashion designer, went to school for it my first two years. Surrounded by such talent everyday, I realized that sewing was not coming natural to me and I was struggling. So a quick switch of my major to design management and three business minors and I was ready to graduate and join the fashion world through another door. What that door is, I am still attempting to figure that out. Sorry to ramble on but lets just say the dream is split between fashion and wedding/event planning.

So what is it that I want to remember? My shitty job? The countless shitty retail hours I worked? Living at home because even after one full time job and 2 part time and free-lance jobs I still cannot afford to move out? While all of that is not ideal What I want to focus on, is my strives thus far. FullSizeRender 5

I want to remember how much I’m trying. Working every wedding, every event, every party I can get my hands on. Not only for the money but because I want to grow my portfolio, I want to leave my mark all over town delivering memorable, chic, fun events that people want to tell their friends about.

I want to remember how passionate I am about being happy in my work. I don’t want to ever lose that. Working hard to be happy in my every day, day to day is what I’ve always wanted. I won’t stop till I am.

Lastly, I want to remember how important a support team is. I am beyond blessed to have parents who are kind enough to let me stay at home while I am getting my feet on the ground. Blessed to have Jacob who doesn’t mind me talking about glitter, flowers and venues constantly. Support is all around me for whatever crazy dream I may have, I hope that never goes away.

Looking through the hard stuff and trying to focus on what’s good around you and what’s good for the big picture. That is how you move productively through this awkward time in a career.


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