The Routine Meme

People always say that once your on the routine it’ll stick and become easier. Sounds simple, but it seems that each part of your life could use another routine, going to bed earlier, going to the gym “X “amount of nights a week, meal preps every Sunday night, laundry every Thursday, moisturizing and taking care of yourself this night a week,reading a good book twice a week before bed. Before you know it your life is filled with schedules and routines that has nearly eliminated spontaneous behavior. Life becomes so scheduled out that it becomes mundane. Like a meme that the longer you let it sit there on your screen, the more it will replay. It’s one of those moments where you see before your eyes the little things adding up and taking over. So how do we fix this?img_1064

As young professionals who can hardly focus, are always sleep deprived and usually running on coffee, what do we do? Prioritizing has helped me the most in this case. Being able to determine what is really important, I don’t want my whole day scheduled out. Already 9-5:30 of my day is taken and lost to spread sheets, phone calls and emails. So I have from say 5:45 to 10:00 to figure out what is important enough to take up more of my time. Growing a business is never easy and takes constant work and time. Instagraming is where I fill my nighty creative voids. Stock piling photos to post and moments to capture for when I’m stuck at a boring brown desk and want to be in the world of glitter, coffee and fashion magazines that I call home. By posting nightly or every few days I’m putting myself out there as an up and coming wedding and event planner, style consultant in all aspects of life. Once thats done, I eat dinner, hang out with my family a little bit, watch Jeopardy and flex those brain cells as  much as possible. After that there is only a little left in me before the comfort of my bed comes calling. So what is worthy enough of that time?

Life gets busy and I can’t stress enough the importance of a good planner, this week I wrote down the most important things to me:img_0941.jpg

  • Sticking to my low carb diet
  • Working out at home and at the gym
  • Taking care of my skin

While they all seem very vein, these are things that will make me happy in the long run of life and do me good. You must love and take care of yourself before you can spread the love to others.

Life will always be busy, there will always be an excuse not to work out or not to go to bed early, but pushing through those factors make you stronger as a person and happier over all Not to mention are turning you into a persistent boss lady who does not give up. So next time you forget to take off your make up before bed, don’t sweat it life gets busy, you’re not the only one trying to find the balance.


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