Passion Trumps possessions

All my life I have known that my passion was fashion and when you are born with a love for something that is creative and artistic you know that whatever job you have has to allow you to be creative and expressive, otherwise you wont be happy. So I have always said that “I will be the girl who dose not make as much money, but loves work and what she does, so much the it wont even feel like work.” This way of thought when looking for careers his forigein to most people. Not everyone knows what they like, let alone what field they belong in. I have always wanted to help those people, I think that everyone in this life should have something that they are passionate about. Some people are passionate about money, I think that those are the financiers and accountants. Some have a passion for helping people these I believe grow up to be the caregivers and volunteers for nonprofits. When you met someone who is passionate about what they do it is so inspiring, I strive to be one of those people.image2.JPG

So how do you find your passion, how do you know what is right for you? As a freshman in college you are supposed to know when in fact 82% of college students graduate and still don’t know exactly what they want to do. There are hundreds upon hundreds of career aptitude tests that should indicate what you should do career wise. Some are very accurate and can give you a detailed list of what your personality is best for career wise. Really though, I think, that passion comes from inside. It isn’t whether you are passionate about clothes or money or cars or medicine. Its what drives you, ask yourself what in this life is worth getting out of bed for? Hopefully there will be a few answers here other then coffee and to get my phone charger.


Narrow that list to what drives you to work hard; is it self motivation, eager to please others, rewards? Finally asking yourself what makes you happy; this list I am sure could go on for days, just picking the big ones though, what truly makes your core happy.

For me it was simple, I get out of bed with the hope and uncertainty of each day and its possibilities, I am driven by the thrill of outdoing myself and admittedly impressing others, who doesn’t love a little reassurance that you are fabulous. Finally I am happiest when I feel like I can help make someone else happy.

My love for fashion started at a young age and as I grew up I realized that a lot of woman have issues with clothes, they don’t make them happy, to me that is a crying shame. So my goal in life is to make people happy. Whether that is in the fitting room helping them find the perfect little black dress or on her wedding day and making sure everyone is nothing but happy. My hope is that the people in my life can find happiness in their life. Nothing worth having comes easy, that includes finding your passion.


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