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There are many different forms of bravery, to each their own definition. this past summer I attended a three day concert at the beach by myself. It was a brave moment for an introvert such as myself, through the process though I was able to meet people, stay safe and have an amazing time. I am so happy to have something  like that just for myself. Proving I can stand on my own and not having someone to accompany me is okay. Fast forward to present day December, its that time of year when everyone is going countdowns to Christmas and new years and the hashtag #newyearnewme is very much a thing.

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I find that at the end of every year people are so over it and more excited about the idea of new and starting over as if what they had was terrible and this was such an awful year as a whole. I can’t deny that i am usually one of those people. This year how ever I can’t even complain. Things are so good I’m terrified. Throughout this year I have voted for the winning president, obtained a new career type job that I had been so yearning for, nailed down a pretty amazing boyfriend, kept up with wonderful friendships and started new chapters with new people and even juggled three jobs,grown my confidence in such exciting ways and have been watching my life take its course and finally get going.

This weekend I was luck enough to be escorted to the Nutcracker Ballet by my love. The only reason we are going, is not only because its one of my dreams but also because of a skirt. Working in a consignment shop you acquire a number of pieces that are there for the “just in case” purpose. Waiting for that perfect moment when you need it and its just hanging there waiting for you, that is what this skirt is, a huge high waisted silk taffeta ball gown style red skirt. I loosely mentioned one day that if I ever went to the Nutcracker or dinner at the Jefferson I would wear that skirt, not more then a week later I was presented with tickets to see the Nutcracker just so I could wear it. My heart melted.image3-2
As it got closer to the day I began to do a little research of what the attire was to such an event….business casual. From then on I was doubtful of wearing such an extravagant outfit. Excuse after excuse I told myself that I should still wear it. The day of the event arrived and I had 6 options 5 other dresses and the skirt. Petrified i put on the skirt and a sheer long sleeve slightly more casual top and a pair of BCBG studded heels. I wore it, I rocked it and I did not care. As Oscar Wilde said “You can never be over dressed or over educated” a quote I use on the day to day to convince myself its okay to be too fancy.

It wasn’t that I was skinner and had just lost lost of weight, I didnt grow up and morph into this beautiful adult, it was a #newyearnewme kind of moment. I didnt need any of those factors to convince me to dress up and wear something bold. Life is too short to wear boring clothes. It was a small moment on a magical night that gave me confidence to truly live and enjoy who I am. This story may seem pointless and long for it just to be about a girl being over dressed for a date, but from my experience I hope you all can find that small moment when you decide to be brave and not care what others think. You look fabulous anyway.

I can’t complain about 2016 even though of course there were down spots, I have nothing but positive thoughts going into this next year. Happy New Year to all and to all a safe stylish holiday image5-2


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