Coffee, Christ and Charisma

They say that life can change in an instant. This week has proven to be in one of those weeks. Today I walked into a nail salon to cap off a perfect day by rewarding myself with a fresh manicure. After facing the anxiety of picking a nail color, I sat down and let the girl proceed with my nails. I watched her intently as she filed, scraped and trimmed my nails I asked for them rounded and through her face mask and thick accent, I’ll be honest I have no idea what she said. I asked her to repeat herself and I still didn’t understand what she said so I smiled and nodded having not a clue when I said yes to. I continue to watch her do my nails hoping in the back of my mind “please let me be happy with this after I pay so much to have this done, please don’t let this ruin my day” in that instance I was suddenly distracted by something on the TV in the back of the room. Before I realized she was about to start painting my nails. I had let go of my worry and anxiety and just had faith. It was in that instance that I realized me putting my face into the nail tech was the same as putting my faith in God over the last year.image1-8
This time last year I was sad, in the depression of sorts, and doing anything I could to distract myself from my break up, the death of my dog, and my overall disappointment with my situation. I would do anything to distract myself, in reality through most of my Time was put into decorating my childhood bedroom for the holidays. I don’t remember a lot of this time last year because I really did try to block out most of it. But oh what time can do in a year! I don’t know what has happened or why it’s all happening right now but God is finally returning my phone calls.image3-8 In the last two months, not only did an amazing guy come out of nowhere and show me how I should’ve been treated all along but now today I am happy to announce that I finally have a real big girl job! A job I have been praying about for over a year now. Is it the perfect job no, is it a steppingstone into a wonderful career and path of success yes! It’s times when you finally put your faith and trust in God when things work out. I ended up leaving the nail salon happy and satisfied.  Putting my trust in her was just same as putting my trust in God. You have to have faith, belief and patience. It’s when you relax and open your eyes to what’s around you and not stress, that’s when things happen. Definitely popping champagne tonight celebrations are in order!! I hope that all of you continue to be faithful, patient and kind while waiting for your dreams to happen. Coffee, Christ and charisma three C’s of life.


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