Goals and Gains

Many of us have bucket lists, things to do and accomplish before we leave this earth. Mine was written on in 2008 and is ever growing. I got to thinking about my list today as I crossed an item off. Call me vain but own a Chanel bag is one of my items, it’s a status symbol to me as in I have grown up and become some part of an adult worthy of a Chanel bag. Anyway, as you experience one of the items on the list you are meeting a goal in some sense. I got to a point in my life where I could afford Chanel, even if it was on consignment. I still was able to save and be able to do that for myself. That means something to me.goals-2

So where does that leave me now? Even though I still do not have a career type job, a new car or a fancy apartment, I still achieved a goal didn’t I? I think giving credit to yourself, no matter how small is how we get through our days. As I approach the year anniversary of my alter ego, The Dirty Blonde Stylist I am giving myself some credit. I am the proud owner of a Chanel jacket and Chanel bag, I am proud to say that I have a boyfriend who is absolutely wonderful and treats me how I always wanted to be treated, I have kept up with paying my student loans back no matter how tight money is some months, I have remained a good person.goals Finally I am happy again, I have crawled back out of the hole I was hiding in for so many months and now continue to push forward, work harder and achieve more goals. Someone said to me the other day “you’re a very down to earth girl, but you still shoot for the stars” that’s what I want to be. I won’t stop, not after all that I went through to move inches, I’m going to keep working and move miles. Do everything you can to stay motivated, there are days when you just want to be lazy but Oscar De LA Renta once said “When you rest you rust” I know there is truth to that. Thanks you Cosmo snapchat and quotes of the day I have inspirational quotes around me while I work. Find your version of motivation, surround yourself with good positive people and never give up on your dreams.




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