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“Elements of Style”

I’ll admit that traditionally I am not a huge reader, other than magazines and fashion blogs, but this month I wanted to put a spot light on a fabulous book  “Elements of style” by Erin Gates. The book jumped right off the shelf with the chic black and white stripped spine and gold lettering, how could I not read it? With an interior designer as a mother she always teases me about how chic homes can be, not just clothing. This book certainly shows the path to creating a glamorous home and a chic lifestyle.thumbnail_image12

Since I have graduated from dorm and college apartment life, my style has evolved in every way, to a more professional and adulating look. This goes for home décor as well. Even though I am still struggling to create that dream house, I am constantly buying little trinkets and accessories that help complete a look and style in a room. Somewhat of a Home Goods addict!  I’ll admit I’m a bit of an accessories whore; necklaces, earrings, purses, wall art, pencil cups, and desk organizers for days!thumbnail_image10 Like many fashion obsessed, I need all the options. It gives you freedom to change up your look and personality for a day or however long you’re feeling the trend. I personally love to surround myself with pretty little things and then over the top fashion pieces, so if you walk in my room and look around you can see me and who I am just from what my room looks like. I feel like your clothes should do the same for you! “Style is being able to say who you are without saying a word” such a true statement from one of my fashion idols, Rachel Zoe. Beautiful images inspire me as a creative; just flipping through the pages sends my mind racing to new ideas, looks, and designs. Erin’s book has seriously inspired me, making me want to work harder and take risks to get to my goals, one of those being that chic dream house.

In an effort to become a more rounded person and to read more, I am going to continue a book of the month post to hopefully introduce you to fabulous books for inspiration and relaxation. Hopefully you will enjoy my picks and think they are just as fabulous as you are!


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