Expectations and destinations

Today at work a woman asked me if I had plans for summer, her question caught me off guard. Aside from the fact that I am nowhere near my ideal summer body but  also brought up the fact that come may it will be a year since I have graduated college.  Years either fly by or tick by in the most annoying way possible, granted that I still have a few more months before the anniversary of my adulthood conformation but I still am working a non career job and nowhere closer to moving out and being on my own. When you’re in school its almost ingrained in you that if you do it right and this that and the other you will have a job when you graduate and this time last year I believed just that, I was researching jobs and getting ready for interviews with the utmost confidence.FullSizeRender[1] Upon graduation I did not have a job and I took the summer off from part time jobs and gave my full attention to having a career. Fast forward to now, dead end job, which don’t get me wrong I am happy to have, but the expectations to have a job when I graduated was never met and still hangs over my head.

Expectations can ruin even the most wonderful things; relationships, accomplishments and triumphs can be outweighed if it didn’t go the way you expected it to.  While people tell me all the time that graduating is a huge accomplishment, I believe them, but the lack of what I have to show for it disappoints me and keeps me from feeling successful. Is that just me? I don’t know if any other post graduates feel that way but I guess what I’m trying to say, to all almost grads out there if any of you are following passion over a guaranteed job and money  than just remember that not only are things not handed to you, nothing is guaranteed, but don’t let anything break your spirit!IMG_5223 You are amazing but not everyone will see that right away, you’ll be told no a hell of a lot more then yes. I ask all almost grads to not let expectations ruin what you have a accomplished but don’t settle for what you have done, push for more. Be the best you you can be. I’m still working on myself, I’m still in post grad mode until that one year mark, motivation, hard work and indeed.com.


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