For the love of love

It’s that time of the year, not Christmas not Halloween but Valentine’s Day! Anyone who knows me knows that I treat this day as a full blown holiday, I decorate, I send out cards, I buy so many little things to give as a simple gestures of care and love to all the people in my life. It took me until my first year in college to realize that Valentine’s Day was not just for people in a relationship, it was a holiday about love and there are a lot of people in my life I love.FullSizeRender (3) So since then, I have gone to great lengths to make people feel loved on that day in particular. So with only a few days till Sunday all my valentines are sent out to people afar and I’m just perfecting the few I have left to give to my family on the actual day of. This is will be my first Valentines in four years that I won’t necessarily have a “special someone” to send me things or spend it with, which is fine; it just occurred to me that on valentines I don’t know how happy I will actually be. With flowers, balloons, cards and large stuffed animals all around me I’m not sure if a little bit of jealousy will ensue? Let’s be honest it’s kind of easy to be jealous of those very lucky girls with that boyfriend who kills Valentine ’s Day every year.

This morning I unexpectedly found myself beyond jealous for one of my very good friends who got to do something that I have always wanted too, so instead of being happy for her I’m here angrily typing and wondering “why her and not me?” Saying that one statement out loud jolted me right back to reality. Jealously isn’t a good color on anyone. Life, success and love isn’t about a comparison, it is about being happy for the people you love and knowing that your time will come, maybe not in the way you expected but it will all work out


Regardless of my relationship status there is nothing that will stop me from getting all done up, even if it is just to sit at home. With a stunning red dress and busting out the red soles I will certainly be in the Valentine spirit. So on a day all about love I will be nothing but happy to spread love throughout the world regardless of what I get back in return. Today is someone’s fairy tale, it isn’t about you, it’s about love. Happy valentines to my love, to all my friends and family!



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