Love is Life


I for one am a person who loves loves. I am fascinated by those people who are truly in love and passionate about their partner. I love helping my friends with advice and anything I can do to help someone. Needless to say I am a hopeless romantic and an eternal optimist. If you too are like me then you know it can unfortunately be an easy way to get hurt. So far I have been able to bounce back and hide any type of pain I still have under a red lipped smile. This time of year especially, I like many others, put my heart into everything, I love my tree and how my room looks all decorated with silver and sparkles, I love watching adorable Christmas movies cuddled up with hot chocolate wishing I had that special someone to cuddle up with, it all comes with the Christmas spirit I think. But when you can’t be with that special someone there are always friends close by. I have one amazing friend who is sends me the most fabulous little reminders of our friendship from NYC! I am  so thankful for the little reminders and the small things that can keep you feeling fabulous. image3 (7)

DVF is one of my favorite brands, I love her book and the playful yet classiness of her clothing. Her brand stands for such love and freeness of the spirit, which is so obvious with the beautiful colors and prints. I am usually one to wear black, it’s a comfort zone of mine but when I’m sent a pink DVF envelope wallet I have to rock it!
The holidays are such a great time of year to pull out all the stops and go full force in fashion. This holiday season the most stylish woman at your holiday party will be sure to be wearing sparkles, velvet or black and gold. Huge trends to wrap up this year with! image13 (2)To love what you wear is to have confidence in yourself.  Let your confetti fly and celebrate the time, love and people you have all around you. Merry Christmas everyone!


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