The Boho Brunette

Lately the change in my life has been constant. Anyone who knows me, knows that change is not my favorite thing, so this week I spent time with my dear friend tDSC_0194he boho brunette. I want to tell you the story of not only her effortless style but a carefree and peaceful way of being.DSC_0205
I personally love that boho style that is all about ease, flow, beautiful patterns and fabrics. She has truly encompassed that style with this dress. Some people would say that it isn’t acceptable to wear a maxi dress in the fall. Here in Virginia, I will say that fall is off to a slow start, 75 degree days, sunshine and the occasional windy 60 degree day. So in my opinion this dress is more than perfect for this time of year. A long sleeve maxi dress with the beautiful teal, navy and brown pattern translates into that great fall feeling. As we walked around her ranch I was only further convinced that her style matched her personality to a tee. She loves the easiness of it all. “In a world so full of stress and problems, one of the easiest things to get dressed.” She told me. Most women would highly disagree with this statement; getting dressed is just another stress of the day that just happens right when you wake up.


If you look at this look though, the point is made; this is just a great dress. She has soft curls that come naturally and long necklace that really she threw on at the last minute. This look truly encompasses the ease of the boho style. There is something in my country roots that comes out whenever I think of boho and nature; it makes me feel at peace. Leaving her ranch I remembered  some of the little things that make me happy, that fall breeze across the green grass, beautiful photographs of one of my best friends, and that no matter the changes in my life, I will always be able to handle it, as long as I have friends, family and fashion.


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