With love

Since my first romantic comedy I have been obsessed with the idea of love, love was the closest thing that we have to magic and that concept always stuck with me. As I’ve grow, I’ve found so many things in life to love. Such as comfy sweat pants and a warm cup of coffee on a rainy day, getting all dressed up and having a drink with my girls on a Saturday night, and of course any second I get to spend with my long distance boyfriend of four and half years. There is so much to love in this world. That love will get you through some of the most challenging days.image9 (4)

A love I found at a very young age was my love for fashion. I fell madly in love with the art of design and how powerful your clothes can be, they allow you to say who you are without having to speak. Clothes and getting dressed let you become whoever you want to the outside world. Wearing an outfit you are confident in can change your whole attitude about the day, the better the outfit the better the day is a theory I prove to so many people. I get them to fall in love with not only the clothes they are wearing but how they feel when they wear them.

Self-love is so strong and so important when working in the fashion industry. Love for myself and not beating myself up. I love the fashion and the art that is put before me. However love for the business, is not always easy, as fashion can be one of the most fast paced and ruthless places to work. It’s one of those industries that can be very cruel to people, ridiculing people for bad ideas, lack of talent and of course being the wrong size. There is no other industry that can be so tough and unaccepting to people based on things that are not work related.image3 (6) Some days I wonder why my love is fashion, why I fell for such a tough, competitive and unforgiving industry, but then I think to myself it is because I want people to feel good about themselves. Realize that clothes are not the enemy but a confidence booster! I want people to fall in love with their own personal styles. So as I sit here and sketch more ideas, I ask you to let your heart be your guide, in love and in life. With love you are strong, with love you are protected.

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