Post Grad or Postpartum?

While you are in school, the possibilities seem endless, your dreams are as close as graduation day. The truth is though that graduation day is going to come but your dream job or any job may not be there waiting for you. Now that I am three months out of college still with no full time job, it has become very easy to doubt myself and my dreams.image4 (3) - Copy 

It’s easy to think that I’m not cut out for this industry, that it’s too tough or that I won’t ever make it. Lately I have found myself in somewhat of a postpartum state, watching people on Instagram and Facebook move back to their college dorms and back to their college friends, I can’t help but wish I was going back too. It would just be easier to post pone the real world and go back to the fun college life. In college I wasn’t aware of how quickly the industry can put a dent in your plans and your dreams.image9 (3)

Today however I was surrounded by fashion and felt so inspired. I watched a documentary about Vogue and Anna Wintour called “The September issue” watching the fashion, the designers, creative directors and stylist work, I was so inspired! All I wanted to do was sketch! If that wasn’t enough I spent the rest of the afternoon flipping through the current issue of Vogue, soaking up all the fall trends and longing for a real job that could help my rationalize my shopping habit. On the other hand though, feeling so inspired today made my fashion dream come back to the forefront of my mind. I got a fortune cookie one day that said “old dreams never die, they just get filed away”FullSizeRender the quote is hanging on my wall as a little reminder that no matter how discouraged I get or how long it might take, I am going to make my fashion dreams come true. My markers, my coffee and my creative soul will get me there. As my September Vogue arrived so has my confidence in myself. September is my January, the time to start fresh and get my life on track. The carefree days of summer are gone and moving forward after graduation is all I can think about. In the words of Tim Gunn I am going to “make it work.”


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