Kate Spade and Coffee

There is a long list of To Do’s in life, setting up goals that will help insure a better tomorrow. The saying “God laughs when you make plans” has never seemed truer. Never did I think that I would change my major half way through school from fashion design to design management, never did I expect to walk out of school with three minors on top of my already business oriented major. And certainly I didn’t think that I would be sitting in my parent’s house with no job three months after graduation. Post grad life is not what I expected or what I think many people expect, countless job applications, phone calls and endless trips to Indeed.com with very little to show for it. It’s a scary, tough and exciting time in your life. You have the tools to do what you set out to do and now it’s all just opportunities waiting to be grasped. Coffee and the little fancy things in life help keep me positive. My precious Tiffany’s mug and Kate Spade to do list spice up the job search, reminding me I am still fun and fabulous.FullSizeRender Since graduation I have had the privilege to intern with one of the most fabulous women I’ve ever meet Caroline Birgmann! As a small business owner, blogger, stylist, party and event planner and all around amazing person, she has inspired me in so many ways and taught me so much already.  Her style and brand is so distinct, it’s hard to miss her gorgeous photos scrolling through my  . “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”-Rachel Zoe FullSizeRender (1)(Another one of my idols). I used to think of this statement as only applied to clothes and getting dressed every day. But on the contrary, your style is all over your life. You deck your life in your personal style from the music that fuels your dance parties, to your home décor all the way to your personality. I have also come to understand you don’t have to have one distinct style especially since mine is currently a little all over the place right now, somewhere between chic rocker and boho cowgirl. I am so excited for all that is in front of me. As impatient as I can get from time to time I know it is all going to happen when it is meant to. That job, that house, that life. The long list of To Do’s will continue and my new blog and Instagram has been added to it. Day by day and outfit by outfit I will continue my journey down whatever path I am supposed to travel. No matter the path I’m sure my fabulous shoes will be leading the way.


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